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Course Support

For questions about course content, the Course Help Page within each individual course provides contact information for someone involved in course development. It may also provide additional information about the course or related programs.


How long can I access my courses?

Course access is different depending on the course that you purchased from the course catalog. The Progress column on your My Learning Activities Page will track how much of a course you've completed and the number of days you have left to finish it.

Can I start a course on one computer and finish it on another, for example, like at work and at home?

Yes, you can access your Knowledge Connection courses from any computer with an Internet connection (we track your course progress regardless of location).

Can I bookmark My Learning Activities Page or a course page?

No. You must login or be recognized with a cookie to access your courses. Resume courses from your My Learning Activities Page at the last page you viewed. Pages are dynamically generated, so you cannot bookmark them.

How do I make text larger?

You can adjust the text size in your browser:

  •          If you are using Internet Explorer, click View on the menu bar at the top of your browser. Next, click Text Size, and select a size from the drop-down menu.
  •          If you are using Netscape, click View on the menu bar at the top of your browser. Next, click Increase Font, and select a font size.
  •          Adjusting text/font size won't increase the size of the graphics and animations.

Why does course audio sound fuzzy?

Some sound cards currently have problems with Shockwave Flash compressed audio -- the audio used for course animations. In most cases, this causes a faint popping sound at random intervals while the animation is being played. You may want to use speakers while going through the course, since the problem is more noticeable when you use headphones. If you know what kind of sound card you have, try contacting the manufacturer about the availability of an updated driver that might fix this problem.

Can I work offline?

No, you must be connected to the Internet to view all courses.

I downloaded the plug-ins but I still can't access the PDFs or animations, audio files, etc. What do I do?

First make sure you've installed the latest plug-ins from the manufacturers' web site. If you're still having difficulties, contact the manufacturers directly. They have the best knowledge of how to solve your problems.