M&A Demystified: How to Prep Your Business for a Successful Sale

To be competitive in this thriving industry amidst rising challenges of consolidation it’s crucial that laboratory owners are clear about what is important when a buyer is considering acquiring their business as a potential investment. The pre-sale process is critical for a positive outcome for the seller this webinar will explore the following areas

  •  What types of buyers may have interest in acquiring a lab?
  • What would be their motivators, drivers and business goals?
  • What are the types of things that may be attractive to each type of buyer and why?
  • How would a lab owner find these buyers and who can they hire to facilitate the sale process?
  • What can they begin to do to “prep” their business for a sale?
  • What are the business components that are used to determine “value”?
  • What can an owner do to enhance that value in the marketplace?

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